Ensuring Your Beer Tastes The Best

Are you a fellow beer lover? Or just a beginner to the field? Either way, below are three important pointers for anyone indulging in beer to know about – the three most common mistakes people tend to make with regards to beer, which tend to kill of their sublime taste!

Warmth and Sunlight Are No-Nos!

Skunking – that is the process where the taste and the smell of a beer goes bad (bad as the smell of a skunk… and how its fart would taste, maybe? Let’s not think too deep about it) when exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can cause a beer start to turn bad within minute, as can higher temperatures. As such, the most important thing with regards to beer is storing it properly. Custom stubby holders are an ideal way of protecting exposure to sunlight whilst keeping the beer cold for longer if you’re outside – and if you’re inside, just make sure to keep your beer in a cold place, away from the reach of sunlight. 

Find the right gift!

One of the most obvious things about beer that even a total beginner knows about is the large range of beer glassware. From jugs to pint glasses, there are over a dozen different types of glasses, each with different shapes and volumes. However, what any beginner won’t know is that each and every one of these glasses has actually a reason for its shape – the taste of beer can actually depend on the type of glass that is used! The reason for this is that depending on the glass used, the surface area of the beer in contact with the air differs, which can alter the taste for the better or for the worse. 

Besides glassware, you can also go with wooden mugs to drink beer – just like in the olden days. Personalised beer mugs are an ideal choice if you’re the type to stock up on beer at home instead of hitting the local pubs!

Don’t Freeze Your Beer!

Just like excessive temperatures are unhealthy for your beer, the very opposite is also true – overly cold beers will taste anything but tasty. If you’re the type to frost your glasses or drink your beer right after taking it out of the fridge, know that both of these two practices kill off the taste of your beer. Frosted glasses not only foam the beer, but also prevent its carbonation and reduce its aroma; overly chilled beers only contribute to numbing your taste buds, far from letting you taste any sort of flavour. Use unfrosted glasses (more like, store your glasses in a regular cabinet) and wait at least until ten minutes before drinking refrigerated beers.