Tips For Organising Your Closet

When it comes to our closets, except for the precious few who are neat by nature, they are a mess in general. Organising a closet can be tiring as you sort through the pile of clothes and try to find space for it all. Not everyone is good at putting things together, and some pay people to come and do it for them. Cultivating a few habits will help you save this money as it really is quite simple. The key is, once you have cleaned it out, maintaining it in the same way, so that you do not have to do it all over again.


If you pull your entire wardrobe out and tried to arrange it, chances are you would come across a number of pieces you have not worn even once. An impulse buy has gone unnoticed in the piles of clothes it was buried under. Once this happens, you forget about its existence, and then running out for new clothes all over again. The words ‘Blind Shopping’ are perhaps the best way to describe this as it is rather fruitless and is not the result of thinking long and hard. It also loses the point of having something you liked enough to buy, when you do not get a chance to actually wear it. Slimline hangers which are quite thin, are a good way to keep in easy view. Visit this link for more information about slimline hangers.


Sorting your clothes out according to a category of your preference will save you a lot of time in a hurry. The days you hit snooze yet have accidentally turned off the alarm making you late for work, are the days you will enjoy your meticulous organisation. You should be able to pull something out in a hurry and run out of the door which you cannot do when your wardrobe is about to explode. Ironing all your clothes at once also saves time in the morning, giving you a few extra minutes in bed.


Although you may not want to part with them, hoarding old clothes is rather pointless especially if you have not worn them for a long time. If it has been there forgotten for more than 3 months, it is time to put it away. Provided you have taken good care of them, you can even look at doing a good deed and donating it to someone needy. Make space not just in your closet, but in yourself as well. This way you can switch between different styles. Divide into slimline hangers as they do not take up a lot of space, and pack away the rest.


If you have been out in an area where people were smoking, your clothes will smell too. Do not put it back in the closet even on a hanger as the entire place will smell of stale cigarette. Get your outfit in a tub of warm water and soap to help get rid of it. You can then make way for newer items.