The Different Benefits That E-Cigarettes Have To Offer

In order for someone to change a particular habit, it is necessary for them to work out the advantages that a substitute habit has to offer. The same holds true for smokers who should quit smoking and move to e-cigarettes. Many, if not many of those interested in smoking e-cigarettes are presently regular cigarettes users. Chances are you are one of them – searching for a substitute but seeking to understand the advantages of changing from your present brand.
E-cigarettes that can be purchased with e cig kits online are indeed a substitute to conventional vapour cigarette in Australia. They are an appropriate substitute for many because of the advantages they have over “smoking.” Here are a few of the benefits that these have to offer:
They do not have that distinguished smell
Anyone and everyone out there would agree that regular cigarettes have a very distinguished smell associated with them. The worst part about this smell is that it sticks to every single thing that it comes in contact with– hair, outfits, your car – anything. Not only does the smell hang on to you, many consider it to be rather unpleasant and avoid it greatly. If you are a cigarette smoker, you do not notice it so much since you are engrossed in it all of the time. To non-smokers, and especially ex-smokers, this fragrance is very recognizable.
A major reason as to why the smell of cigarettes is so bad is because you let go of nicotine and a number of other hazardous substances in it. E-cigarettes on the other hand do not have this threatening smell because instead of breathing out substantial amounts of smoke, you are breathing out a steam that disappears almost instantly. Believe it or not, the smell is literally non-existent or similar to pure cotton candy or even pop tarts!!
They are fairly affordable If you are a cigarette smoker, you can certainly connect with this factor – cigarettes are extremely expensive nowadays. These days, a good brand of cigarettes is priced at around $7 to $12. Between all of this, a pack-a-day cigarette smoker can spend more than $300 each month! And this does not include the price of other things such as matches, ash containers and much more. E-cigarettes are a completely different league. While the costs of a beginner kit for rechargeable electronic cigarette as it will have hand-held, light, and conveniently pocket handled may be a little bit high, the month-to-month price of the best e cigarettes Australia is generally about half when compared to conventional cigarettes. Currently, e-cigarettes are not subject to any sort of taxation like conventional cigarette smoking are. Also, as the technology tends to enhance and gain more and more popularity, the price will continue to go down.
They are extremely safe
Since you are “burning” cigarettes, you would obviously be using a matchstick or lighter to light it, conventional cigarettes pose quite a bit of risks including arson. Cigarettes are in fact the #1 cause of fire-related fatalities in many countries. With e-cigarettes, you are not going to be faced with the predicament of starting a fire, which means that you and all those around you will be safe at all times.