Roughing It Camping

It no longer seems like camping when you have all the luxuries that life has to offer, a tandem trailer for sale at that gives you a kitchen, microwave, gas top and oven and a fridge. Long gone are the days of keeping all your food cool in an esky, saving the butter from being submerged beneath the melting ice. If you really don’t like roughing it then you can have the manual washing machine, table and chairs, little side tables and out under the canopy a portable pantry to put all the dry goods, then there is the shower and toilet, if you are in an area that doesn’t provide these facilities and if you are going into regions that are four wheel drive access only then you might find that you will have to look after your own toiletry needs.
Now in the long run it is much cheaper to buy a tent and all the accessories than it is to get a trailer camper but with the amount of room that all that camping gear takes up you might find that you need a trailer to go camping anyway. The list is endless of the things that you need to take with you and this is without all the luxury items, just the nitty gritty, especially if you have kids. There is the esky for all the cold food and drink items, you might even have to take two with you, one for food and the other for drinks. The tent and tarps so you can have shade, a table to sit at to eat which means having chairs as well, and all the clothes needed for a trip away, eating utensils and plates and cups/mugs. Fishing gear, swimming gear, bug spray, sun lotion, lights, cameras and an array of toys to keep the kids amused when they become bored. They will become restless, doesn’t matter what activities you have planned there will be a moment, generally when you are trying to recover, that they will approach you and say “I’m boorreedd” in that voice that drives you up the wall.
This will be the moment when you will miss the technology that you have been dying to separate them from, if you have a camper trailer of the really upper class kind there will be a telly so you can send them inside and hopefully they will find a channel or you can amuse them with a selection of dvd’s you bought along specifically for this purpose. Just so you can get a few moments of peace and let your tired body recover from sleepless nights and being up earlier than you are used to. Don’t fall into the habit of letting this being the only thing they do on the holiday, even though you might be dying to just lie around it is the purpose of camping to get out and about, spending time together outside and doing things, even if it is swimming in the dam/river, get the body moving and keep night time for the collapsing period.