How To Make Your Bedroom Look Cozy In The Summer

Winter is the signature time for comfort and cozy. Bedroom is the one part of the house that we all love to decorate and make it look pretty. In winter you can use blankets, duvets, layers of beddings and throws to make the room look cozy. But in the summer most of us have no idea of any other ways to make the room look cozy.

Check for bedding options

Bed is the most important piece of furniture we own. Most of the time due to beddings being so expensive we all simply buy few pillows and a duvet to decorate the bed, in the winter this looks cozy and is actually cozy. But in the summer a thick duvet is slightly uncomfortable to sleep in. So most of us simply get a sheet and put over the bed. This is not a very nice look. In summer invest in king size comforter sets. These are mostly light weighted but less thick than duvets, and are quilted.

Redo the arrangements

To make the room look better in summer you can fill it with more airiness, put a vase of bright colored flowers such as sun flowers or carnations. Add a little book shelf or a small cupboard to the room if there is any space. Near the winder arrange little chair set to sit and look out the window. These small changes will bring change to the room and will elevate your mood as well.


Colours can also contribute a lot in making the bedroom feel cozier and look more inviting. You can change the wintery grey colours to summer colours like light yellow, mint, peach and light green or blue. Changing the colours of the whole bedroom including walls and drapes may be slightly expensive, but in this case you can simply buy sheets of these colours or you can buy king size comforter sets in the same colours. It covers the biggest part of the room and it will give added light to the room.

Allow air and sunlight in

In the winter you may have not opened the windows but in the summer it is a nice way to keep the room cool as well as fresh to open the windows and remove those heavy drapes and instead put some lightweight drapes or blinds. This provides a whole different look to the room. Making you feel like you are in a little island paradise. Let the fresh air and sunlight in to the room.Summer is a beautiful season, where you can make lot of changes in the house and bring change and light.