Different Features Of Abstract Art

When we talk of abstract art, it is mostly about unrealistic portraits and scenes. This type of art is different from the visually accurate depiction of objects, living animals or humans, scenes and others. This genre of art gained popularity in the 20th century. There have been several works of abstract art by artists that are considered famous. For instance, Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock are known to be reputed designer rugs in Sydney http://www.xavierandme.com/ abstract art artists for the cushions for sale online.
How to define abstract art?
When we talk of abstract art, it is usually the works of painters and artists who work on certain shapes, colors as well as textures. These, end to hold their inherent values in these art forms. The overall effects of these works of art are said to create a response from the viewers. If you’re shopping for abstract art or cushions for sale online, there are portals where you can find these and more.
How abstract art became popular?
The impressionism as well as post impressionism era led to the movement of abstract art. These were movements that were popularized in the 19th century. You will find the works of painters like Cezanne, Seurat and Monet to have influenced this movement considerably. The artistic point of view in the paintings was emphasized by them than the real influence on art. It is a form of art that sprung from the Western world predominately and in the first half of the twentieth century. The definition of abstract art has several controversies.
Different designs and images used
When we talk of abstract art, it could be vibrant splashes of colors on canvas as was seen in the works of Jackson Pollock. The works of many artists also feature mix and match of colors and geometric patterns and shapes. Often different mediums are used as well like photographs, metals, papier mache and different manufactured or discarded objects. For the varied ways abstract art is done, it is difficult to define the same. However, it is definitely a deviation from still life or from depicting objects that are easily identified.
Appeal of modern art for your home
In most cases the appeal of modern art for homes exists in different ways. You could choose a mix and match of colors and patterns for your living room wall which can be highlighted with different lighting effects. With different colors and patterns, you could create a distinct look and feel for your rooms in different ways. If you are looking to create a distinct look for your home, you can do so in different ways with abstract art. In order to explore the different options that exist, you can visit the online stores which offer a wide range of home accessories. These will surely help you to decide on what you want and simply make the purchase online.